Half-hour pilot; workplace drama, relationship drama.
Directed by Sue McCormack; edited by John Hurley; starring Courtney Stallings, Cory Lawson, Jeaniene Green, Ruffin Prentiss, Gonzalo Vargas, Juliana Aiden

Maddy is a young Substance Abuse Counselor working with ex-convicts in NYC.  As she confronts the dilemma of a missing client, she also navigates the dangerous situation of re-connecting with her ex, a recovering addict.
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Hour-long pilot; political drama; education drama; crime drama.
Developed with Jon Robin Baitz at The New School for Drama.
Coletta Knight is president of the School Board for Roosevelt, an impoverished Long Island town, struggling to stop what would be the first State takeover of a local district.  Meanwhile, Roosevelt youth Will turns to a dangerous gang initiation to escape his troubles.  The next town over is Baldwin, a prosperous district in comparison.  There, sheltered and shy Ally transforms herself for the attention of the popular kids, much to the dismay of her family.  As Coletta formulates a desperate, risky move, all of these lives will collide and connect.  A complex cross-section of Nassau County, home of the most racially segregated suburbs and the largest income gap in the United States.

Half-hour pilot; dark comedy.
Developed with Liz Flahive at The New School for Drama. 

Perri is a Hospice Nurse who has a difficult new assignment:  a dysfunctional family with a dying matriarch, a pet-obsessed father, a rap-star son, and a precocious and promiscuous daughter.  She’d usually keep a safe emotional distance – but a recent loss in her personal life has her changing tactics.

Feature-Length; drama. 
Developed with Frank Pugliese at The New School for Drama. 
Based on true events.  In 1920s Michigan, an act of terrorism has destroyed the local school and taken at least one member of every family in town.  Every family except that of Abe and Beth, an odd and ostracized couple.  As Beth devises a plan to rebuild the local school and tend to the surviving children, wounds are opened and healed, and hope emerges in a time of despair.