“With considerable elegance and economy, Gandiello sets up a psychological tangle in which it is all but impossible for Bobby, Los, and Maddy not to betray each other. … Gandiello lets all three characters play out their conflicts in a series of brief, incisive scenes that reveal how, as they struggle to grow up in a world transformed by disaster, each choice comes with a steep price. … By the end… you realize that staging the action in a train station is a stroke of genius.”  Lighting and Sound America

“Mr. Gandiello has a fine sense of rhythm…  the playwright generously shares his irrepressible devotion to language.” – The New York Times

“…a searing new play… Taut, terse, and as unrelenting as the ocean waves that can be heard rolling in the background…  It’s hard to imagine what further work could be done to make the play more compelling.  Allowing a flicker of hope to remain alive amidst unflinching despair, OCEANSIDE is profoundly moving.”  – Broadway World

“…(a) powerful new drama… Gandiello forces his his characters to look under the surface, to expose things they’ve been hiding; by doing so, he suggests that we might do the same.”  – Talkin’ Broadway

“…gripping and an excellent character study.  You’ll be engaged and paying rapt attention, right until the last moment…” –  Nashua Telegraph

“…Gandiello’s play is about coping and compassion… approach(ing) its dark subject with humor and sensitivity… (The Blameless is) asking from that purely human point of view ‘How do you move on?’ ” – San Diego City Beat