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3M, 3W

“The Blameless is a compassionate and moving look at the power of familial bonds in the most extraordinary of circumstances. The boisterous Garcia family has always tackled their days with warmth, humor, and tough love. But today is no ordinary day. Struggling to recover from a painful event in their past, they must find a way to hold everything together as they welcome to dinner the one man who might help them heal—or reopen their wounds.”

  • World Premiere: The Old Globe San Diego; Director: GT Upchurch
  • MTC’s Ernst C. Stiefel Reading Series; Director: GT Upchurch
  • Finalist, Premiere Stages Play Festival; Director: John Wooten
  • The Old Globe New Voices Festival; Director: Barry Edelstein
  • Page 73 Productions Reading; Director: GT Upchurch
  • Ojai Playwrights Conference; Director: Hal Brooks


2M, 1W
While navigating street brawls and first loves, siblings Maddy and Bobby must decide12243165_1026626960722045_8411199628526305728_n whether to use the memory of a loved one for violence or healing, the repercussions of which will follow them for years.  The Wedge Horse explores vengeance, forgiveness, grief, and family.

“With considerable elegance and economy, Gandiello sets up a psychological tangle… all three characters play out their conflicts in a series of brief, incisive scenes as they struggle to grow up in a world transformed by disaster… By the end… you realize that staging the action in a train station is a stroke of genius.” – L & S America

  • World Premiere, Fault Line Theatre; Director:  Aaron Rossini
  • Finalist, Wide Eyed‘s Wink Series; Director: Kristin Skye Hoffman
  • Semi-Finalist, Wide Eyed’s Wink Series; Director: Kristin Skye Hoffman


3M, 3W

Mid-90’s Long Island: an African-American family and an Italian-American family come together in a budding relationship. But when the teenagers in either family discover danger in the relationship between their younger siblings, they make a secret pact that jeopardizes everyone. Identity is stretched across family, race, history, and sexuality in this bittersweet drama.

  • Winner: David Calicchio Emerging American Playwright Prize 
  • Ojai Playwrights Conference; Director: Robert Egan
  • Finalist: Premiere Stages New Play Festival; Director: Lila Neugebauer
  • Page 73 Productions Summer Residency at Yale; Director: Portia Krieger
  • Ars Nova Out Loud Reading; Director: Lila Neugebauer

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Gwen thought she had successfully walked away from her troubled past. But then her ex  husband returns with news of their grown daughter’s disappearance and with him come the demons that she sought to erase from her idyllic new life. A powerful drama that explores complex family dynamics.

  • World premiere:  Merrimack Repertory Theatre; Director:
    Melia Bensussen
  • Roundtable Reading, MCC Theater
  • Roundtable Reading, Page 73 Productions; Director:
    Davis McCallum
  • Semi-Finalist, Firehouse Theatre Project’s New American Play Festival
  • Semi-finalist, The Alec Baldwin Fellowship at Singer’s Forum

1M, 3Wposter-blackfly_250_393
A year after her sister is killed while working as a war photographer, a young woman is set to present the photographs at a memorial. When she and her fiance retreat to a lakeside mountain town in order to reflect and prepare, they find themselves at odds over their secrets, desires, and their place in an increasingly complex global community.

  • Developmental production, Xavier University
  • Playwrights’ Revolution series,  Capital Stage
  • Semi-Finalist, Premiere Stages Play Festival
  • The Claque‘s Reading Series; Director: Sherri Eden Barber


When Addy, a white rapper from the suburbs, has a shot at a record deal, he tries to lure his estranged brother Ty back into the violent world of the gangster image to re-form their rap duo for an upcoming concert. But in questioning the violence in Addy’s lyrics and life, Ty pushes his brother to reveal truths that challenge their identities, authenticity, and the nature of hip-hop itself. With the mics checked and the crowd watching, Addy must decide how far he will go to prove he is “real.”

  • The New School for Drama‘s New Voices Festival; Director: Lucia Peters
  • Crashbox Theatre‘s reading series


2W, 1M
At the Finish
(Photo Credit: Britannie Bond)
Becca has enough to deal with,running her own kettle corn business – not to mention the philosophical and moral dilemmas of her girlfriend and employee, Casey.  As they prepare for a big business day outside of a marathon, they confront deep rifts in their relationship… and head toward a future they couldn’t predict.

  • Published in Smith and Kraus’s THE BEST TEN-MINUTE PLAYS OF 2014
  • Play on Words Productions 168-Hour Play Fest; Director: Callie Jane Farnsworth

2M, 1W
10383478_10152664879279328_6242448091948509823_n-1Brothers Michael and Jimmy disagree on how to best remember their uncle as they stand guard in a questionable act of patriotism.

  • To be published in Smith and Kraus’s THE BEST TEN-MINUTE PLAYS OF 2015
  • Crashbox Theatre Company’s Summer Shorts; Director: Sharone Halevy


1M, 2W
As Chelle prepares for her father’s wake, she finds a terrible secret on his laptop, and when she shares it with her volatile brother Jimmy, they must decide whether or not they can shatter their younger sister’s beautiful memories of him or if some truths are better off buried.

  • Semi-Finalist, Ensemble Studio Theatre’s Marathon of One-Acts
  • Samuel French OOB Festival Final 40; Director: Erin Callahan

1W, 1M… and possibly 1 band.
Part rap concert and part relationship drama, this play is a cross section between Trevor’s gangster rap performance and an evening at home with his girlfriend Georgie, who needs a deeper form of expression from him.

  • Ars Nova‘s THE NETFLIX PLAYS; Director: Portia Krieger

1M, 1W
Ronnie has discovered something very bad on her husband’s laptop.  When she wakes him up in the middle of the night to find out the truth about Travis Winters, their marriage, their identities, and life on the internet are all called into question.

  • The New York City 15-Minute Play Festival; WINNER: Best Play, Audience Favorite, Best Director (Katie McHugh), Best Actor (Connor Carew), Best Actress Honorable Mention (Sarah Cook)

2M, 1W

Real-estate agents Rusty and Sandy discover the difference between losing things and losing everything after they declare bankruptcy and hide it from their family.

  • Unity Stage Company reading; Director: Sofia Geire


1M, 1W

On their last night in Ithaca, two best friends are partying hard, but it comes crashing to a halt when their memories of the previous night – mostly blacked out – don’t match. He tries to recreate his version of the previous night, and it leads to discoveries and confrontations about their history and college life.

  • Generic Theatre Company; Director: Samantha Stone

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